Men In Harmony

We are delighted to announce the first ‘Men In Harmony’ tour to Torrevieja, featuring three Southend-based choral groups: ‘Bob’s Barbershop Boys’, ‘Tongue & Groove’, and ‘Smudger’, which takes place March 2-7 2018.

Performances will take place in the Cultural Society Casino de Torrevieja, C Breeze Bar, Playa Flamenca,  C.C Flamenca Beach 2203189 Torrevieja, and Salón de Actos, Pasaje Iglesia in Jacarilla.

Bob’s Barbershop Boys:

This traditional acapella barbershop group are well-known in Southend for their charity performances at local halls, retirement homes, and at outdoor events.

Tongue & Groove:

An offshoot of a local male voice choir, Tongue & Groove have developed their own repertoire covering both traditional and modern songs in four part harmony.


Smudger is a local singer-songwriter and guitarist whose first album, ‘The Scenes In Me’, was released a couple of years ago. He performs a mixture of self-penned songs and music from the 60s and 70s.